One From The Heart

I began blogging hoping that my experiences, my observations and my attempt at this wild ride called life would help others and create a common ground that those who read are able to relate to. Each blog post since I launched “” last August has become more personal and more intimate as I have learned that I am able to open my heart and soul to others by writing rather than vocally expressing my thoughts. However, as I realized this, I have found that I have yet to give credit to the person who has encouraged me to open up to others, to find it within myself to use my words to slowly understand my own inner workings and has been exceedingly  supportive and understanding with me every step of the way.

From living six doors down and taking two months into the school year to formally introduce ourselves to spending every waking moment together and finally making our dysfunctional and unpredictable relationship official, Michael has dealt with my stubborn, persistent, indecisive and borderline psychotic self without any hesitation, complaint or ultimatums. He has brought more unconditional love and support into our relationship than I could have ever asked someone for, he has never made me doubt our relationship (even after moving over two hours away for the summer) and he has allowed me to open my heart to not only him, but within my writing, after I swore I never would again, and I have to thank him for that.

So, Michael, hopefully you have read this far because if not, you are missing out on the one time I will ever voluntarily declare to you my thoughts without you having to bribe me with frozen yogurt or Mexican food in order for me to tell you what is on my mind.

But babe, thank you for being trusting, patient and understanding about my feelings even when you didn’t need to.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging me to do the things I love, even when it means that I will have to make sacrifices in other areas of my life.

Thank you for insisting to stay in my life when I asked, or basically told, you to leave because I did not think that I could let anyone else in.

Thank you for pushing me to make decisions, finding the comfort in the uncomfortable and supporting my personal growth instead of holding me back.

Thank you for always clarifying my irrational thoughts and feelings and attempting to reason with me when I need you to, and just listening when I will not let you reason.

Thank you for all of the little things that you know I need, like reassuring me that I am not fat when I have asked you for the fifth time that day, and then taking me to get Mexican food after you get me to agree. And for still kissing me in public when I wear my parka, triple XL sweatpants and Target moccasins when we go out.

Most of all, thank you for being more than a boyfriend, but being my absolute best friend who has seen me at my best, worst and has stood by me every single day between the two.

I could not be more appreciative and thankful to have you in my life, and I am grateful for the man who you are and that you choose to go above and beyond in our relationship every single day. 

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